4 Tips for Choosing the Best Door Lock for Your Home

The security of a home starts at the front of the door. With an array of options for home security upgrade on the market, cutting through the clutter to find the best door lock and locksmith Toronto west end service for a home can be hectic. These are some of the things to consider when choosing a lock for your home.

1. Endurance

Endurance of a lock varies with grade. Their grading ranges from Grade 1 to Grade 3, with Grade 1 providing the highest security level followed by Grade 2 and 3. Homeowners should look for a quality lock that can withstand routine abuse that is likely to be inflicted on a lock over its lifespan. Each style and grade of a door lock provides an array of functions to meet the needs of every homeowner. Door locks offer security for home and privacy for closets, hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Homeowners can use door locks for their entrances and closet specialty needs. Besides functionality, endurance will be a critical consideration when searching for a door lock. After all, no one wants to keep investing in a new lock every few months, and that’s what makes it crucial to consider the durability of a lock before investing in it.

2. Functionality

Of course, you hired a locksmith to install a door lock at your home for a reason. It could be for privacy or security at the entry point of your home. The first step in choosing a door lock is to define its primary function. The function of a door lock determines the endurance and security level that it has to uphold. For example, never expect an interior or hallways door lock to be as secure and with high-security level as the front door lock. However, for high traffic areas such as the front door and bathroom, homeowners will want their door locks to hold up longer than areas with less traffic. That means a high-grade lock would be necessary for a high traffic area.

3. Aesthetics

Homeowners should consider the aesthetics of a door lock only after steps 1 and 2 are complete. Fortunately, all door locks grades are available in a wide range of finishes and shapes to match the décor of any home. Though aesthetics will always be a critical consideration, it shouldn’t be the priority.

4. Brand

The other thing that a homeowner will probably notice when shopping for a lock is the many different brands available on the market. That means one may have to research the best brands on the market to find the best lock for their home. Security is a paramount aspect for every homeowner, and no homeowner is willing to compromise its integrity. Door locks from top, reputable brands come with a rating based on the testing that a lock has to undergo.

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6 Moving Supplies for Protecting Furniture during a Move

One of the concerns during a move to a new home is how to protect your belonging in transit. Moving heavy furniture has always been challenging. However, with the right moving supplies along with the help of professional movers, protecting delicate pieces of furniture shouldn’t be a concern. Here are a few of the moving supplies that are necessary for ensuring the safety of your furniture during a long distance move.

1. Plastic Sheets

One way to protect items such as upholstered chairs and couches is to wrap them with plastic sheets. The plastic sheet will protect upholstered chairs and sofas from dirt, water, and dust. You also don’t want to expose pillows, blankets, and couch cushions to elements. Consider throwing such items inside a sealable bag for protection. You can purchase these sealable bags from local a mover at an affordable price.

2. Moving Blanket

You can either buy or rent a moving blanket from a local long distance moving company. Moving blankets are perfect for protecting entertainment centers, nightstands, dressers, and tables from dirt, dust, and water. However, consider tightening the covers so that they don’t loosen during the move. Moving blankets also maximize space and ensure that furniture isn’t scratched or scrapped.

3. Cardboard Corners or Bubble Wrap

Cardboard corners or bubble wrap are usually placed on the corner edges of mirrors, pictures, and artwork to prevent damages. Cardboard corners will keep the sides of artwork or mirror from bending or getting scratched or nicked. Bubble wrap and cardboard corners can also be used for preventing gouge and scratches in between large pieces of wooden furniture.

4. Newsprint or Bubble Wrap

Newsprint or bubble wraps are useful moving supplies for packing fragile items within small cartons or containers. You can also wrap legs of small pieces of furniture with these bubble covers to protect them from scratches and nicks.

5. Straps

Straps are useful in protecting large pieces of furniture such as couches from sliding back and forth while on the truck. Straps also fit around the corners, and movers can use them for lifting heavy pieces of furniture. Moving couches and wardrobes without the right moving supplies is always risky.

6. Mattress Covers

These are covers that movers use to protect mattresses from tears and rips and water damage as well during the move. Consider buying one for your box spring and another one for the mattress. Of course, everyone would want to preserve their precious furniture during a long distance move. One way to achieve this is to hire a reputable commercial moving Edmonton company to load and unload bulky furniture for you. Professional movers are experienced and will ensure your furniture is safe and stays intact throughout the journey.