5 Important Financial Moves to Make Before Marriage

Finding a lifetime partner who you believe you want to spend the rest of your life with can be a challenge sometimes. And most of the time, it usually is. If you aren’t too careful, you may end up with the wrong partner altogether. People will tell you that you have to meet up with a few wrong partners before you find the right one. And for the most part, there could be some truth to this logic.

But what happens after you have found your life partner? What next? Your life should take a turn for the most part. Where you will now have to do things jointly even if you were used to going about everything alone. And other challenges may crop in at this time too.

Basic money management has been known to be a big issue among couples for a long time. And can sometimes even be a deal breaker when it comes to marriage. Which is the reason why you need to be very careful when making any financial decision with or without your partner. For that, we have compiled a short list of some financial money management moves that you can make before you finally say ‘I do.’

1. Take a financial wellness assessment

The main purpose of this test is to check where you stand financially. And the financial wellness test can help with that by assessing things like your current financial situation, a review of your recent expenses, net worth statement, etc. And from that, you can compare it with that of your partner and see whether the two of you are financially compatible. You should also check your debt to income ratio, savings ratio, and your thought to emergency savings as well.

2. Make a debt reduction plan

This is an important step in any relationship that’s looking to take steps towards getting married. It’s not necessarily a must that you clear all your loan balances or credit cards before you get married. But at least have a talk about it with your partner and work a way towards paying your  off. Being open about your financial situation with your partner before marriage is important especially if you have a lot of debt. You can create a debt reduction plan to help reduce on the debt with your partner.

3. Be open about your financial situation

Studies have also found that many people find it very difficult to share their financial situations, especially the bad ones, with their partners. But what they don’t know is that openness and communication go a long way in a relationship especially when it comes to financial matters. Look at each other’s credit reports, know each other’s financial status and work with what both of you have.

4. Make money talks that aren’t judgmental or boring

You can, from time to time, schedule money talks with your partner to discuss and assess your financial situations. This is probably the best way of knowing if the two of you are financially compatible or whether your partner may indeed be your greatest financial enemy in the making.

5. Plan how to manage your financial lives as a couple

It is no longer a one-person thing but two. You are planning to marry your partner. Means that you will have to share your financial situations with each other. Plan things together, holiday trips, vacations, shopping, bills, etc. You will have to know where both of you stand especially when it comes to finances.

Why Choose A Limo Service?

There are many benefits to using a limo service to make it to the airport for your next flight. Whether it is for business or pleasure, airport transportation is a cost-effective way to avoid the hassles of parking at the airport. Read all about the advantages of hiring a professional limo service to take you to the airport or transport you and your family members to important events.

1. Reservations are Quick and Easy

It only takes a few minutes of your time to make advance reservations for reliable limo transportation services. You can also take a shuttle service that will come to your home and transport you to the airport. Many people undergo a lot of undue stress when driving to the airport. Heavy traffic and trying to find a place to park can make you miss your flight. Online booking is also a popular way to make your reservations.

2. Limo Transportation Services Have Even More to Offer

Most professional transportation companies have a website where you can browse their fleet of vehicles. Party buses, limos, shuttle services and more are offered at popular transportation companies. If you have an important event such as a wedding, graduation or out-of-town guests, then you can hire a transportation company to transport your guests.

3. How to Choose the Best Transportation Service

The first step in finding a reputable transportation company is to ask co-workers, family and friends for advice. If you don’t get a referral that way, then make a list of several companies in your area and call to ask questions. It is also important to choose a company that is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. Choose a company that has been in business at least one year.

Read online reviews from previous customers to ensure there aren’t any valid complaints. Choose online sources that are neutral to ensure you get an unbiased viewpoint. The staff should be friendly and experienced. Ask the company if they perform background checks on their employees. You want to choose a company that employs safe and reputable drivers. If you choose a large transportation company, then your fleet selection will be greater than a small company. Be sure to compare costs and minimum requirements before you book your reservation.

The company should also have an excellent record of safely transporting guests. Hiring a limo service is a great way to enjoy a special holiday in style and comfort. Most limos also offer a full bar, flat screen televisions and luxurious seating. You can also tour the city in style with out-of-town business guests. You should tip your driver at least 20 percent if you are happy with the service they provided to and from your destination. To learn more, please visit the Yorkville Limousine Ltd. website.

How To Prep Your Hair For Your Wedding

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, and creating the perfect bridal look is much more than finding the right dress. Brides also need to find matching shoes, a beautiful veil, and the perfect accessories. A healthy, shiny head of hair also helps. To get your hair ready for your wedding day, follow these simple tips.

1. Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

As your wedding day draws closer, it’s time to give your hair care regimen a boost. Find a shampoo that’s enriched with antioxidants and a hydrating conditioner that will keep your hair smooth and free of tangles. Ask your hair stylist if they have any product recommendations. They’re familiar with your hair type, and they’ll know what products would best suit your hair.

2. Achieve Thicker Hair

So you want a thick head of hair for wedding pictures, but you’ve noticed that your hair has been shedding at an alarming rate. There are several things you can do to ensure that your hair is full of bounce and volume for your wedding day. A good scalp exfoliant can help to remove the dead skin cells and oil that can cause hair loss. If you think your shedding might be attributable to your diet, try taking a multivitamin or a biotin supplement.

3. Enhance Color

If you dye your hair, you want it to be bright and vibrant on your big day. Before your next hair salon appointment, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. The acidity helps to get rid of unwanted product buildup, which can prevent hair dye from depositing appropriately. If you follow this simple trick, you’ll notice that your post-dye ‘do is even better than usual. Keep your hair looking great by using low-sulfate products that are formulated for your hair color.

4. Stay Away from the Styling Tools

Blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons are staples of many women’s beauty regimens. To enhance the health of your your hair before your wedding day, however, try to limit your use of these damaging styling tools. They can cause breakage and leave hair looking flat and dull.

5. Regular Trims

One of the best ways to keep hair healthy is by getting a haircut on a consistent basis. Even if you want to have long hair on your wedding day, go in for a trim every three months to get rid of split ends. It’ll prevent unwanted damage, but it won’t stunt the growth of long locks.

6. Rest and Relaxation

Hair needs beauty rest too. Getting eight hours of sleep per night can enhance the health of your body, skin, and hair. Try sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Friction-free silk is less likely to cause breakage while you toss and turn during the night.

Now that you’ve got the healthy wedding day hair, it’s time to decide on wedding hairstyles hair dressors. Your hair is sure to look great in a fancy updo or in relaxed curls.

Note: Second to last sentence should read: “Now that you’ve got the healthy wedding day hair, it’s time to decide on wedding hairstyles with your hair dressers.” I’m leaving it as is because of the required keywords. You can find more information at Tony Shamas Hair & Laser and learn from their online resources.

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Flowers are Delivered On Time

Your wedding is the one day when you want everything to be special. You want it all to go right. This includes all the details. You want your wedding location to look fabulous. One way to help bring any location to life is with the use of flowers. Flowers are a feast for the senses. They’re full of color and make any place feel like a garden. You want to make sure your flower delivery plans go right and your wedding flowers are delivered on time. This way you can be sure that when you enter your wedding location, you’ll have the perfect floral arrangements to greet your guests.


Advanced Planning

One of the most important ways to make sure your wedding flowers are there when you want them is to plan well in advance. Once you’ve set a wedding date. it’s time to contact a florist. The flower shop owner can work with you to make specific choices about your flowers. For example, if you are planning a fall wedding, they can help you pick out flowers that are in bloom during the colder months. They can also help you decide if you decide if you would like to add special flowers to your planned arrangement. This can help add an element of the unexpected to your wedding and make it even more memorable. Make sure you speak to a florist at least three months in advance.


Create a Checklist

Another way to make sure all the details of your wedding flow smoothly is by creating a checklist. The checklist should have a specific section for flowers. Flower shops can help you determine the details of the floral arrangements you have in mind. For example, they can point out that you will need a specific vase. They can also point out that you may need to have yards of flowers at the church. You might have to check the religious space in advance to make sure that your flowers will be shown off well and work with the overall colors of the church or other religious location. The same thing is true of the reception area. Make sure you know where the flowers are going to be placed.


The Days Before

During the days before the wedding, you will want to speak to the florist to confirm that all is in order with your flowers. They may point that a specific flower has not been delivered yet and may not be available in time for your wedding. In that case, they can work with you to help you figure out an alternative flower or group of flowers that will also work with the colors and location you have chosen.


3 Tips for Choosing Vegetarian-Friendly Catering for Your Wedding

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, one of the big decisions that you might be working on making is choosing the right catering services. After all, you probably want to make sure that you serve a delicious meal for all of your guests, and you might be worried about ensuring that all of your guests’ dietary preferences are catered to. For example, you might not be a vegetarian, but you might have vegetarian guests who will be attending your wedding, and you might want to make sure that they are able to find something tasty to eat, too. Luckily, following these tips can help you choose a caterer and plan a meal that should hopefully work for everyone, including those who don’t eat meat.

1. Consider Customizable Meals

Have you ever been to a wedding where you were able to customize your own meal? For example, many weddings have taco bars, pasta stations and other similar options that offer multiple different things for you to choose from when preparing your entree. Not only can this type of option make it possible for vegetarian guests to avoid eating meat, but it can also help ensure that all of the guests who are there on your big day are able to eat a meal that is truly in line with their tastes.

2. Work with a Vegetarian-Friendly Caterer

When choosing a deli/delicatessen or other catering company, you’ll want to look for one that has experience in catering to people’s dietary preferences. A vegetarian-friendly caterer will understand the importance of things like ensuring that serving utensils and cooking utensils do not come in contact with the foods that will be fed to guests who do not eat meat, for example, and they might have more ideas about the types of foods that your guests will like.

3. Host a Buffet

Serving your wedding dinner from a buffet can be a good choice for a few reasons. Many people find it to be easier and to be more affordable. Plus, some people like the fact that guests are better able to mix and mingle than they are with a sit-down dinner. However, another benefit that you might not have thought about is the fact that a buffet makes it possible for you to cater to each guest’s dietary preferences, including those who are vegetarian or vegan or those who have food allergies. If you haven’t yet thought about this option for serving the food at your wedding, it may be something that you’ll want to look into.

As you can see, there are a few different ways that you can ensure that your wedding meal is vegetarian-friendly. If you start planning now, you’re sure to be able to plan a meal that tastes great and that all of your guests — including those who are vegetarian — will be able to enjoy. More resources can be found at Greensville Gourmet,or speak with one of their experts if you require additional insights.