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Photo Booths Frame Picture Perfect Wedding Reception

When planning their wedding, couples would be wise to consider photo booth rental Toronto to their reception.

The trend, which has been gaining steam during the past few years, has led to a complete shift in the way receptions are staged. It has broken down stale formality in favor of an atmosphere reminiscent of a classic theme party.

Before entering the photo booth setup, guests don costume pieces or articles of clothing from the pieces supplied by the photographer and they pick up random props to pose for individual or group photos.

What started as simple gimmicks, such as over-sized sunglasses, has expanded into costume troves to rival any Halloween store.

Before you rule out getting a photo booth, it is wise to consider everything you will be getting out of it.

Happy Guests Equal Less Stress

You will be surprised how many of your more shy and elderly guests will loosen up with something as simple as a top hat or feather boa.

No matter what their age, most people at their core level love a chance to escape from their regular life. Weddings already offer a chance to get all glammed up to your best version of yourself, and the booth pushes it one stop further.

You can be silly, glamorous, heroic, whatever you want really.

Guests often get creative by mixing opposite elements — mustaches with curly pink wigs, Viking hats with bow ties and fairy wings with wrestling masks.

When tied to lively music and spirited drinks, this makes for great ambiance and lowered inhibitions — the keys to any memorable party.

Favors That Won’t Gather Dust

Instead of one more bag of mints or a votive, why not send guests home with something they can appreciate?

While in the booth, they will freeze candid moments, real laughs and joyous embraces. At the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants in their scrapbooks or framed on their hallway walls? Every time they look at the photo, they will remember just how special your wedding was compared to so many others.

Many prints also say the bride and groom’s name and wedding date as an added reminder of the day.

Social Networking Goldmine

Photos taken in the booth style can also easily be uploaded in a high resolution format to Twitter or Facebook and be receiving comments and “likes” before you even leave the wedding in some cases.

Guests can also tag the bride and groom in their photo so the couple has an informal wedding album of sorts on their own pages.

In an age that prides itself on instant online gratification, this will make brides and grooms seem tech savvy and up-to-date.

Usually photos will be accessible for downloading on a shared website in case guests want to make more prints or accidentally left their print behind.

No matter what reason ultimately sways you, a booth format is a wise investment to keep energy levels and the love going all through your big day. Don’t be surprised if it is a catalyst for new friendships or even relationships among guests who didn’t know each other prior to the wedding.