Wholesale Diamonds

Why You Should Buy Your Engagement Ring From a Diamond Wholesaler

An engagement ring might be the most important jewelry purchase of a lifetime, but traditional jewelry stores don’t always have the best prices or the best selection of quality rings. Shopping for whole sale diamonds, alternatively, provides better prices and a wider range of gems. Discover some of the top reasons you should shop for rings from a diamond wholesaler.

Bulk Buying Leads to Lower Diamond Prices

Wholesalers purchase diamonds in bulk, which means that they are able to secure more affordable loose diamonds. If your aim is to purchase diamonds at the lowest possible price, shopping through a diamond wholesaler may be the best option. This is especially true in large diamond markets such as Chicago, New York or Antwerp, all of which have a thriving wholesale diamond trade.

Affordable Overhead Means Cheaper Diamonds

Think about some of the places you might find a traditional jewelry store. They are typically located in popular shopping areas such as malls, tourist streets and bustling plazas. These prime real estate locations are great for attracting customers, but they are expensive for the stores themselves. High overhead translates to higher prices for each piece of jewelry. In order for luxury stores to turn a profit, they have to build in the cost of multiple staff and expensive storefront rent, which drives up the number you see on the price tag.

Loose Diamonds Offer Potential for Custom Rings

Engagement rings are very personal pieces, and many men shopping for them want to go beyond the generic, readily-available varieties found in traditional jewelry stores. By shopping for loose whole sale diamonds, it is possible to build the perfect ring that reflects the tastes and style of the wearer. A single loose diamond, for instance, can be transformed into an elegant statement piece by fitting into a vintage band, but that same diamond can look brilliantly contemporary in a band decorated with dozens of smaller, multifaceted diamonds.

Get Professional Advice About the 4 Cs

Another advantage to buying from a diamond wholesaler rather than a jewelry store is the owners of a wholesale establishment are likely experts in their field. Those employed at a jewelry store, however, may have only undergone minimal professional training. When it comes to something as important as an engagement ring, you will certainly want to discuss the 4 Cs with an expert. The 4 Cs include cut, carat, clarity and colour, each of which play an integral role in the appeal, value and look of the diamond.

Whether you are interested in spending less on a loose diamond, creating a unique piece for your loved one or just getting expert advice, buying through a diamond wholesaler is an unquestionably savvy option.

Summer Wedding Menswear

Menswear Fashion Guide For Summer Weddings


Summer is a bustling season for weddings; as thus, party guests are scrambling to find appropriate attire to wear to these events. Selecting the right menswear may seem easy; find a jacket, pants and shoes, pay for them and be on your way. However, before you can purchase any piece of attire, you must consider the specific elements of the wedding you are attending.


In decades past, perhaps the vast majority of weddings were formal. However, as society’s social rules have broadened, so has the scope of weddings. While plenty of nuptial celebrations are still held in formal catering halls, eliciting the need for nicely polished dress shoes, others are casual affairs thrown in the backyard of the bride or groom. On the other hand, some invitations may explicitly state that only black tie attire is acceptable. Purchasing menswear is impossible if you do not know the formality of the event.


While most men opt for black, grey or other muted colors when selecting men’s suits, that’s not always the case. Some like to pick out suits or dress shirts with color. That is a fine approach, but it’s a smart idea to see what colors the bridal party is wearing. Clashing with the bridal party is not generally considered a serious breach of wedding etiquette since every guest cannot be expected to research that element; however, wearing the same colors as the bridal party might make male guests feel uncomfortable at the celebration.


It’s true that some couples want all of their guests to dress in clothing of the black tie nature, others are interested in having themed wedding. For example, couples marrying on or near Halloween may request that all of the guests wear costumes or masks to the celebration. Couples who choose to celebrate their nuptials at Valentine’s Day may ask that each guest wear at least one article of clothing that is red. Reading the invitation is imperative.


An outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer is going to ask for different clothing than an indoor wedding when the snow is falling. Even if men wear the same type of suit to both events, they want to ensure that they have a nice coat that matches the suit for weddings held in the colder weather, but that is not the case for these summer events. They may want to pick out a more lightweight jacket, and they most likely want a nice, short-sleeved dress shirt. Wearing the jacket all day is likely to prove quite uncomfortable in the heat.

Weddings are meant for celebrations, but they are also times for people to put on their best clothes, and these tips help men find the right outfits in the summer.