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7 Signs You Might Need to Replace the Water Heater

Your hot water heater is an appliance that does require a little care and maintenance to keep running effectively and efficiently during its lifetime. Calling in a plumber to have it properly serviced will extend the years of use. Below are seven signs your water heater might be on the way out or already gone.

1. No Hot Water

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A complete lack of hot water is a sign that it either has no power going to the appliance or it has completely quit working. Check that you have gas or electrical service to the water heater and that a breaker hasn’t tripped. If it has power, call in plumbing services to determine if you need a repair or replacement.

2. Little Hot Water with Low Demand

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Are you finding it impossible to finish a quick shower when no one else is running the hot water? Check that the heat setting hasn’t been turned down. You could have a problem with the heating element or the water heater might be too small. Low demands and little hot water are a definite sign you might need to replace the unit. You may find it useful to visit Drain Rescue for more information.

3. Odd Sounds

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Rumbling sounds or metallic pings are another sign you have a serious buildup of sediment in the water tank. The sediment and minerals will begin to coat the inside of the tank and eventually render it useless. Have your water heater cleaned out periodically to keep this from happening.

4. Rusty or Muddy Water

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Rust or muddy-colored water is a sign of imminent water heater failure. Bring in a plumbing specialist and have them check the tank for integrity and soundness. Rust in the water means you have internal corrosion and weakness developing.

5. Metallic Tasting Hot Water

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Your hot water might taste slightly more like minerals than the cold tap, but it should never have a metallic taste. The taste of metal is just as indicative of impending hot water heater failure as rust. It means there are internal metal portions corroding and weakening. You can develop a serious leak at any time.

6. Serious Leaks

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A leak on your water heater that is at the area of water line connections can sometimes be fixed. Pinholes or larger in the body of the water heater are not fixable. Turn the appliance off and attach a hose to drain the water to avoid major water damage to your home. Be careful because the water will be extremely hot.

7. Bulges or Areas of Corrosion

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A bulge in any area of your water heater means you already have a weakened area that is fixing to burst. Shut the appliance down and drain the water. Areas of extreme corrosion are going to inevitably create a hole all the way through and leak.

Get a complete inspection of your hot water heater by a plumber if you begin to expericne any major interruption in your supply of hot water.