Eyebrow extensions

Eyebrow Extensions For Any Occasion

Eyebrow extensions

We’ve all heard of going to get our eyebrows shaped, we’ve even heard of getting extension eyelashes, but for many extension eyebrows will draw a blank. Apparently, the procedure is more popular than expected, and lots of women and men are flocking to salons everyday to have eyebrow extensions installed. Before you turn your nose up, remember to think of it just as you would any other cosmetic enhancement. Having flawless eyebrows is just as important to some, as having gorgeous nails and hair. Often times having extensions for your brows is needed for reasons beyond your control, but most importantly it makes people feel beautiful.

What To Expect At Your Eyebrow Appointment

The entire process is very straightforward, a professional simply shapes your natural eyebrow or creates one for you. If you are getting the hairs added to existing hairs the entire session could take as little as an hour. A professional simply shapes your natural eyebrow or creates one for you, once you had achieved the desired shape, the hairs are dipped into an adhesive and carefully attached to each existing hair on your brow. If you do not have eyebrows already the process will take longer, as the technician has to start from scratch, they not only create a brow but they will also be attaching the extensions to your skin. When the session is complete you will have fuller, more attractive eyebrows without needing to use makeup to achieve the look.

Who Uses Brow Extensions And Are They Right For You?

Brow extensions are used by people of all walks of life, for many reasons, some clients only use extensions for special occasions when they want take their makeup to a new level. Other clients use eyebrow extensions to make up for hair lost while on chemo, or due to alopecia. The results are stunning and look very natural, while also being inexpensive enough for the prom.

The world of brow extensions is growing everyday, at the moment hairs come in a variety of colors, and textures. You can even decide on natural hair or a blend of natural hair and synthetic, thanks to technology the options are becoming endless.

Typically, eye brow extensions can last anywhere between 7 days to a week, it’s important to refrain from touching your brows, and be careful when cleaning the surrounding area so that they can last as long as possible. Eye Brow extensions are an enhancement that every woman should try at least once in her life, whether for an evening on the town or a wedding. Don’t let this exciting beauty secret pass you buy, make an appointment and see what a sexy set of eyebrows can do for your next big event.

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