Li river, China

Honeymoon in China: Make Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Planning a honeymoon trip to China? In a country rich with such incredibly diverse people and culture, modern wonders and amazing landscapes and countryside, how will you decide how to spend your time? Luckily, there are a number of romantic China tours designed to offer honeymooners the chance to see a little bit of everything the culturally-rich, beautiful, and thriving country has to offer. Be sure to check out one, or more, if time allows, of these awesome China tours!

Vacation at Your Own Pace

For couples looking to take a laid-back approach to travel after the wedding, a scenic cruise along the stunning Li River in Guilin may be a great opportunity for some memorable sight-seeing and exploration. For a more in-depth tour of the mountainous region, float down the river to the lively city of Yangshuo and spend the day playing tourists.

Classical Sites of China

Don’t pass up a classical tour of China’s historical cities Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Put on your walking shoes and hike alongside the famous Great Wall of China, check out Tiananmen Square, and devote a couple hours to getting immersed in the Forbidden City while touring Beijing. While meandering through these cultural hubs, be sure to delve into the local cuisine! Sampling authentic Chinese food is a sure way to enrich your experience of China.

If popular tourist sights are your thing, make sure to carve out some time to scope out Shanghai’s Shanghai Museum and Bund Waterfront, plus the Terra-Cotta Warrior Museum and ancient City Wall in the city of Xian. This tour should be great for couples looking to fit in as many activities and experiences as they can!

Experience China’s Culture

A tour of Shangri-La is an awesome way to experience local culture. Travel through the bustling city of Kunming, stop at the Stone Forest, and then head on over to the old town of Lijang and explore the town’s streets while enjoying spectacular views from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Rural China

For those seeking a more private experience, a scenic tour of the country’s charming countryside and rice fields may be a perfect option. These sights, for some, are what make a trip to China. Local guides lead couples on a journey through time, to a place untouched by the modern world’s technological advances. Watch farmers plant rice, water buffalos plowing fields, and bicycle through the remote towns and villages of rural China on this unforgettable tour.

How Will You See China?

With so many great touring options, it is no wonder China is the ideal honeymoon destination for newlyweds. No matter which exploration route you choose, your tour of this majestic country is sure to be a magical experience that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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