Edmonton Wedding Planner

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Groom with a pink boutonniere
  • Be “stress-free”

    As a wedding planner, it is our job to take the worry and stress out of planning your wedding.  You can rest easy knowing that your wedding is in our professional hands.

  • Because your time is valuable

    Did you know that it takes the average couple over 250 hours to plan a wedding? The reality is that most couples work full-time.  This means that every spare moment is devoted to making phone calls or writing emails to vendors in order to determine services and prices.  A wedding planner does the running around for you, allowing you to enjoy your engagement!

  • To save money

    Wedding Planners can offer vendors something that most couples can’t – repeat business.  This means discounts for our clients.

  • To have a negotiator in your corner

    As wedding planners, we are on your side! It is our job to make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams.

  • For professional advice

    Want to avoid a wedding faux-pas? We can advise you on proper wedding and dining etiquette.

  • For problem solving

    “Always be prepared.” It’s not just the Boy Scout motto, it’s a wedding planner’s motto as well. Sweet Bliss Weddings acts as your front line.  We will attend to any problem or situation that may arise on your wedding day – you'll have enough on your mind!