New Year’s Wedding – What to Wear


New Year’s Eve is quickly becoming a popular day to host weddings. And unlike your normal run-of-the-mill wedding, things are a little different for a New Year’s Wedding. Things are a bit bigger, a bit bolder, a bit glitzier and a bit blingier. (Yes, I know, I just made up my own adjectives there!) ;)

As a guest of a New Year’s wedding, it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing your dress as well.  Since this blog post came to me as a question from a reader (which I LOVE! Keep those questions coming!), I scowered the internet for a few dresses that would be perfect for a festive holiday wedding.

Look for metallics, jewel tones and of course sequins and glitter. Take a look at these great dresses, which can all be found at stores in Edmonton. They’re prefect for a New Year’s wedding or any festive, holiday party this time of year!

Happy shopping! :)

 BCBG Green Sequin Dress

{ source: BCBG }

Bebe Glitter Party Dress

{ source: Bebe }

Banana Republic Sequin Dress - edmonton wedding coordinator

{ source: Banana Republic }

H&M Gold Greek Key Dress

{ source: H&M }

Laura Black Sequin Cocktail Dress

{ source: Laura }

MK Sequin Gold Stripe Dress

{ source: Michael Kors }

Silver Glitter Cocktail Dress

{ source: Melanie Lyne }

Zara New Years Dress

{ source: Zara }