Wills + Kate Tie the Royal Knot


There was an awful lot of hype about The Royal Wedding, and I personally think that Wills & Kate (or the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge) did not disappoint. From the dress to the flowers to the bridal party, everything appeared to have Kate’s simple and elegant touch.

Pippa Middleton Wedding DressThe dress was designed by Sarah Burton, for Alexander McQueen and was absolutely lovely. Being married in such a grand venue as Westminster Abbey requires a larger dress than I’m sure Kate actually wanted. But her dress was grand enough without swallowing her in fabric and layers.  The style itself was very similar to that of Grace Kelly’s dress, but that just goes to show how classic and timeless the look is.

Kate Middleton Wedding Day - edmonton wedding planner

I absolutely LOVED Kate’s simple veil. It was not cathedral length, as some had speculated. It was simple and delicate, having only one layer which lightly covered her face and her beautiful Royal tiara.

Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding

For me personally, I would have to say that the “WOW” factor came upon seeing Pippa Middleton’s Maid of Honour dress. First of all, she could wear a burlap sack and still look amazing with a figure like that!! But this silhouette hugged her body perfectly without straying away from the restrictions of a royal dress (no excessive skin, sleeves, etc.) Dare I say that she almost outshone her sister?

Here is another view of the back of this amazing dress:

Pippa Middleton DressAnother highlight of this wedding for me was the sincere smiles on William and Kate’s faces. They were beaming (as much as royal decorum allows) the entire day and you could see them trying to hold back a little. It is always wonderful to see people who are truly in love with each other!

William and Catherine Duke and Duchess of CambridgeAlthough if I have to give this wedding one critique, it would have to be the long-awaited kiss.  Albeit, they did kiss twice, but only because the first kiss was, well, quick and almost dismissive (in my opinion). Considering they had been practicing the kiss in order for photographers to capture the perfect angle, they really didn’t hold it long enough! But, then there was a second kiss, and all was forgiven!

Wills and Kate Balcony KissAnd how cute (and normal!) is this? Prince William driving his new bride, complete with balloons tied to the rear bumper.

William and Kate Wedding Car

(photo courtesy of Reuters)

A “Wedding of the Century” indeed!



(all photos courtesy of Time unless otherwise indicated).