Wedding Planning Services Offered

Sweet Bliss Weddings offers a wide range of Wedding Planning Services, check out the list below for the services offered by our wedding planners in Edmonton.

Hourly Wedding Planning Consultation

Hourly Consultation is ideal for the couple that only requires a little bit of help in specific areas.

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Wedding Month Coordination

For the couple who have planned their wedding day, but who would like a professional on-hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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Partial Wedding Planning

What we like to call the “3 Magic Wishes” package – we provide planning assistance with up to 3 vendor categories of your choosing, in addition to coordinating your wedding day.

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Wedding Décor & Design

Planning a wedding or event and need some professional assistance on how to create that “wow” factor? Look no further than our Décor & Design package.

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Full Wedding Planning

Recently engaged and unsure where to begin? Or are you having difficulty juggling your work and personal life with your wedding planning? Let us help!

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A La Carte Wedding Planning Services

Add-ons available exclusively for our wedding planning clients.

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Purchasing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement ring

There are few things as special or important in a persons life then popping the question and asking your loved one to marry you and without a doubt, you are going to want to get a special ring that shows the love and life that you want to give your future spouse. Although many people stick with the traditional engagement ring and do not stray far away from the norm, it can get a great thing to surprise the person you are giving the ring to with a unique ring, possibly one that represents something special that the two of you share.

Ring Customization

The reality is that there are a ton of different styles of stones and metals that you can choose from, and there are a ton of jewelry stores Toronto that sell very unique engagement rings, most of which are absolutely stunning. Maybe your future spouse has a favorite color that you want the ring to go with, or maybe they just simply are not about the traditional style diamond ring. These are some things that you can go over with the jeweler of your choice, who can help you to pick out the best combination of diamonds for your engagement ring Continue reading

Eyebrow Extensions For Any Occasion

Eyebrow extensions

We’ve all heard of going to get our eyebrows shaped, we’ve even heard of getting extension eyelashes, but for many extension eyebrows will draw a blank. Apparently, the procedure is more popular than expected, and lots of women and men are flocking to salons everyday to have eyebrow extensions installed. Before you turn your nose up, remember to think of it just as you would any other cosmetic enhancement. Having flawless eyebrows is just as important to some, as having gorgeous nails and hair. Often times having extensions for your brows is needed for reasons beyond your control, but most importantly it makes people feel beautiful. Continue reading