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What Types of Wedding Flowers do I Need?

Whether you get married in a traditional church ceremony or get married on the beach, you still need the right wedding flowers. The flowers come in dozens of different colors and styles and in thousands of different designs. If you think that the only thing you need is a bouquet for the bride, then think again. Most weddings require arrangements of different types around both the ceremony and reception.

The Bride and Groom

At any wedding, all eyes are on the bride and groom. The bride’s bouquet often mixes fresh flowers with some greenery. The greenery acts as the base for the bouquet, while the brightly colored flowers bring all eyes to the bride. Many brides are now choosing two different bouquets. She carries one bouquet with her down the aisle and uses that bouquet as a keepsake. She tosses the second bouquet during the reception. The groom also requires a flower in his tuxedo pocket or on his suit lapel. The boutonniere that the groom wears should match the bridal bouquet.

Bridal Party and Ushers

You also need wedding flowers for everyone that stands with you during your wedding, including the bridesmaids, maid of honor, ushers and best man. The men require a boutonniere, while the women need bouquets. Most women pick a specific type of flower and use that flower in all bouquets. For example, if you love roses use the roses as the foundation for the bouquets. Every member of the bridal party carries a small bouquet of roses, while you carry a larger bouquet that mixes roses with other flowers. Use a single flower as the boutonniere for each groomsmen or usher.


When you host a reception after the wedding, you need wedding flowers for the centerpieces. The centerpieces consist of fresh flowers, ribbons, bows and other decorations that sit in the center of each table. Many brides let their guests take home the centerpieces as a souvenir after the wedding. One of the newest trends in the world of centerpieces involves using plants as the base for the centerpiece. The living plants add an extra special touch. You can choose green plants mixed with fake flowers or plants with fresh blossoms.

Church Flowers

Depending on where you host your wedding, you might opt for pew flowers or flower arrangements around the church. The wedding flowers are a simple way to incorporate your wedding colors and your favorite flowers into the ceremony. Decorate the ends of each pew with fresh flowers and ribbons. Another idea is to use larger floral arrangements placed around the entrance to the church and at the front of the church. You can quickly carry those arrangements to the reception or save them as a reminder of your special day.

Other Flowers

Do not forget flowers for the mother of the bride, mother of the groom and the grandmothers. All you need is a basic corsage that she pins to her dress or slips over her hand. These small corsages remind guests of your heritage and how you both became the people that you are today.

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